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The OET 2-Week Study Sprint: getting OET ready together

OET’s 2-Week Study Sprint has come to an end, and we're thrilled to share the highlights, insights, and success stories from this unique event. Let's dive into the details of why we created this program, who it was for, and the effect it had on our community. 


Why We Created the OET Study Sprint

The OET Study Sprint was born out of a desire to provide a structured and comprehensive study program for our candidates. Recognising the challenges many face in preparing for OET, we wanted to offer a free, two-week intensive study program that would guide candidates through our best preparation resources. By doing so, we aimed to ensure that every participant felt confident and well-prepared for exam day. 


The OET Study Sprint Squad

The Study Sprint was designed especially for candidates about to take OET. For those brand new to OET, those who had already booked their test, and those who were simply looking for a more structured way to prepare, the Sprint met all needs. Additionally, it served as a platform for our candidates to connect, collaborate, and prepare together, fostering a sense of community among OET aspirants worldwide. 


Attendance Overview

We were overwhelmed by the response and participation in the Study Sprint. Over 2000 enthusiastic candidates joined our Study Sprint Facebook event, making it one of our most successful events to date. 


A Glimpse into Daily Preparation

Each day of the Study Sprint was meticulously planned by our OET Education Team. Participants were provided with a downloadable Study Sprint schedule, outlining daily tasks that ranged from reading blogs, taking practice tests, to engaging with informative videos and completing our free courses. These tasks were also shared in our Facebook event, ensuring that candidates across different time zones could participate and benefit. 


Why This Method of Preparation Works

The structured approach of the Study Sprint, combined with the variety of resources and the communal aspect of learning, proved to be highly effective. Participants had clear daily goals, access to quality resources, and the support of the OET community. This combination not only made preparation more manageable but also more engaging and enjoyable. 

With this Sprint I've improved my understanding about OET. It guided me by covering all the modules with tips and strategies which I have used in my sample test papers. I think the Sprint is really helpful for those struggling with preparation, and for those who want to start preparing for OET but are confused where to start. It has helped me build skills for the Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking sub-tests and I have improved a lot after applying the tips and strategies in sample tests.

- Harshvardhan Singh Chundawat


 Explore Our Courses

If you found value in the Study Sprint, we invite you to explore our range of courses to ensure you are OET ready. From our free Intro to OET courses (for Nursing, Medicine or Allied Health) to more advanced training, we have everything your need for your OET preparation journey.  

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Get Your Copy of the Study Sprint Schedule

Missed out on the Study Sprint? Don't worry! You can still download the Study Sprint schedule and embark on your own 2-week preparation journey: OET Study Sprint Schedule 


The OET 2-Week Study Sprint was more than just a study program; it was a testament to the dedication, hard work, and community spirit of OET candidates worldwide. We're grateful for the participation and feedback, and we look forward to hosting more such events in the future. Until then, keep preparing, keep learning, and let's get OET ready together! 

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