Re-marking Policy

Re-marking Policy and Process (effective 6 May 2021)

The OET Re-marking Policy aims to ensure candidates are able to request a re-mark of one or more sub-tests if they believe their sub-test results are not accurate, and to ensure that such requests are received, reviewed and resolved in a fair and transparent manner.


The OET Re-marking Policy aims to ensure that candidates can request a re-mark of one or more sub-tests if you believe that your results do not reflect your performance on the test. We aim to ensure that such requests are received, reviewed and resolved fairly and transparently.


1.1 What does re-marking involve?

To have your subtest(s) remarked, you must pay a fee of AU$120 (OET on Paper) US$95 (OET on Computer) per sub-test to complete your re-marking request.

We will notify you once your re-marking outcome is available, which may take between 3-6 weeks from the date you submit your request and receive the confirmation. If there is a grade change, the re-marking fee will be reimbursed. However, if the outcome of your re-marking does not change your grade, you will not be refunded this fee.


1.2 When can I request a re-mark of my sub-test?

You can request for re-marking within 72 hours from when your results are released. Requests received after this period will not be accepted.


1.3 How can I request re-marking?

OET on Paper candidates: must log in to myOET and click the “Request Re-marking” link for the sub-test or tests you want to get remarked

OET on Computer candidates: complete this form.

Note: We cannot process your re-marking request if: 

1) we have requested further information as part of the test day administration and your response has delayed the release of your results, and;

2) it falls after 14 days from the official results release date. 

In these instances, we will refund your re-marking fee in full.


1.4 Re-marking outcomes

Re-marking outcomes can include increased scores, decreased scores or no change to your score.

Your myOET (Paper-based OET) Dashboard or Candidate HUB (Computer-based OET) will be updated with your new result(s). (On myOET, your updated Statement of Results will be available for download within 24 hours with your new results(s)).

Where the outcome of a re-marking request brings into question the accuracy of grades awarded in an assessment, OET will take all reasonable steps to identify any other candidate who may have been affected and, wherever possible correct or mitigate the error.


1.5 Important information for Candidates

  • The re-marking process does not provide qualitative feedback on your performance.
  • If you take another test (OET or from any other provider) during the time OET is carrying out the re-marking, OET will not refund any costs related to you taking that test, even if the re-marking increases your grade.
  • If you change your mind before re-marking outcomes are published, you can request the re-marking outcome not be published. No refund will be provided in this circumstance.
  • A re-marked result cannot be reversed back to the original result on the candidate’s request once it has been published.
  • Requests for re-marking will only be accepted from candidates personally. A request made by a relative, friend or colleague will not be accepted.


1.6 Can I appeal the outcome of the re-marking?

  • Any appeal against the outcome of the re-marking process must follow the procedure set out in OET Appeals Policy and Process in section 13 of the Test regulations .
  • You can appeal the outcome of the re-marking if you believe the re-marking decision was not arrived at properly and fairly.
  • You cannot appeal unless the re-marking process has been completed.
  • Re-marking and appeal charges will be refunded in full if your sub-test grade(s) change as a result of your appeal.
  • There is an AU$120 (OET on Paper) US$95 (OET on Computer) fee for the submission of each stage of an appeal (per subtest): Stage 1 and Stage 2. For more information, please see OET Appeals Policy.