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...BlogsThinking of pursuing your American Dream in the US? Here are some helpful things to know.
Thinking of pursuing your American Dream in the US? Here are some helpful things to know.

The United States of America (commonly referred to as USA or the US) is a culturally rich country with diverse natural beauty, a thriving economy and a fascinating history. The country is a melting pot of cultures and traditions, enriched by millions of immigrants. The US has one of the largest and most advanced economies globally, with highly developed industry and significant agricultural output. The nation offers an abundance of options for living, working, and exploring, from bustling cities to humble small towns, natural wonders and world-renowned cultural offerings.

Continue reading to learn more and check out the OET Destination Guide for the US on our Destination Guides page.

Independence Day

Independence Day, colloquially known as the Fourth of July, is a celebration of Americans’ freedom from British rule. The Declaration of Independence was endorsed by the Second Continental Congress on July 4, 1776, as one of the first documents to establish the US government. The spirit of freedom and equality that led to establishing the US is the foundation of the American dream, and why many OET candidates aspire to migrate there.

The healthcare system

The US healthcare system consists of both private and public healthcare providers. Most people get their health insurance from their employer as part of their employment package, or by buying it independently from a private healthcare insurer. Government healthcare programs like Medicare and Medicaid are only accessible US citizens and green card holders. Eligibility and benefits vary considerably from State to State. The US is known for having high-quality care options and advanced medical technologies, with excellent hospitals and clinics across the country.

Registering to work as a healthcare professional

You can kick start your American dream starting with furthering your career in the US with OET. The process of registering as a healthcare worker in the US varies from state to state. Check out these links to learn more:

For nurses:

OET Officially Recognised by CGFNS International

Can I use OET results for my Nursing licensing and Visa Screen/CGFNS?

For doctors:

OET accepted in the US for both doctors and nurses


Further information

If you are interested in finding out more about the registration requirements in the US and other countries who accept OET, follow the links for your profession found here: Who recognises OET?