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Use your memory to study for OET better


Study tips include memory game

Each time you start a study session for OET, do you start on a fresh topic? Perhaps for your next study session, try something a little different.

We find using these two tips are great when practising for each sub-test. Take a look though and use them in your next study session.

Use your memory better

Instead of starting with something new, spend 5-10 minutes remembering what you studied in the previous session. The benefit of this is that you are starting the process to embed the content into your long-term memory.

Apparently, humans need to read something 5 times before they will retain the information. If you only look at a grammar point once, then you are unlikely to be able to apply this learning the next time you need to use it.

Start with a quick recall

One way to start your session is with a blank piece of paper or blank document on a screen. Simply note down what you can recall from the last session. It could be facts you studied about part of the test or a strategy you learnt to improve your performance.

You can then move into studying something different. Each day, this simple act of remembering should make each study session have more impact on your overall improvement and progress towards the test.

For more study tips, make sure you check out the OET Preparation Blog. It’s filled with a whole heap of tips and tricks you can put into use before your test.