...NewsCurrent COO Jaime Cortes appointed as Interim CEO to move OET forward
Current COO Jaime Cortes appointed as Interim CEO to move OET forward

We’re pleased to announce that our Chief Operating Officer, Jaime Cortes, will step up as Interim CEO starting 16 April. This appointment is a testament to our confidence in Jaime’s leadership and deep understanding of OET’s strategic goals and opportunities within the global testing industry. 

Within just a few months’ time as Chief Operating Officer at OET, Jaime has already made a significant impact within the organisation. He brings to OET extensive global experience, with 23+ years in the testing industry, and his time as COO has been marked by a relentless commitment to excellence and innovation. Jaime has quickly demonstrated an innate ability to grasp the intricacies of OET’s operations, implementing strategies that streamline processes, drive key initiatives and empower staff. 

As Interim CEO, Jaime’s blend of strong business acumen and strategic insight will be instrumental in maintaining the momentum of OET’s ongoing projects and initiatives during this transitional phase.  

On his appointment as interim CEO, Jaime shared: “I am honored to be entrusted with ensuring OET’s continued success and progress towards our strategic goals. Under Sujata’s leadership for the past 11 years, we’ve seen remarkable growth and transformation. I’m fully committed to ensuring stability and supporting our steady progress to the next phase of OET’s transformation.” 

As previously announced, our recruitment process for a new CEO is ongoing. The CBLA Board and the Executive team are dedicated to ensuring a seamless transition, with Jaime expected to carry out an interim leadership period of approximately three months. We look forward to sharing an announcement of our new CEO in the near future.