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Best OET Blogs of 2023


Best blogs for OET preparation in 2023

The OET Blog is home to a wide variety of test tips, study skills, language lessons and more. As we finish the year, it’s time to review our top ten most popular blogs of 2023.

Explore our best blogs below to prepare for the OET Test and don't forget to check in on the OET Blog regularly to read the latest articles.


1. Use connectors to add clarity to your writing

OET candidates are keen to connect! Find out how to use connectors to join information together in your OET letter and test your understanding with the quiz in 2023’s most popular blog. Read now. 


2. OET Reading: strategies to make managing time stress-free

Use the seven tips in this blog to manage your time and reduce your stress in OET Reading sub-test. Read now


3. How do I improve my score for Reading Part A?

Learn our best tips for success in this popular blog that covers some of the most common errors people make in the OET Test Reading Part A. Read now


4. OET Grammar and Punctuation: how important is spelling?

This blog explains how spelling can affect your scores in the OET Listening, Reading and Writing sub-tests. A must-read for all test takers! Read now


5. OET Speaking: ten common questions

Can I see the card during the role play? What’s the best way to start the role play? Find the answers to these and more common questions in this blog. Read now


6. 14 questions about the OET letter layout

Got questions about how to format your OET letter? We’ve got all the answers in this handy article! Read now


7. OET Reading: The Complete Guide to Part A, Part B and Part C

This much-loved three-part blog series covers the format, skills, tips and preparation suggestions for each part of the OET Test Reading section.  


8. OET Listening: The Complete Guide to Part A, Part B and Part C

Just behind the Reading Guide, our Listening Guides were also popular with test takers this year.


9. OET Reading: managing multiple choice questions

Learn the tips and strategies to help you effectively and efficiently answer multiple-choice questions in OET Reading Part B and Part C. Read now


10. OET Speaking: how to start the role play

We answered some of the most common questions about starting your OET role play in this blog. Learn when you should introduce yourself and what to do when the role play features a first meeting with a patient, a repeat meeting, an emergency scenario and more. Read now


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