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From Brazil to London: Vet Guilherme's success story with OET


As a veterinary surgeon in Brazil, Guilherme set his sights on an international career early on – wanting to experience further professional development and explore another country.  


A passion for animal care

As a young boy, he believes that being surrounded by pets set him up for a career with animals. “Growing up with animals was one of the most important parts of my childhood, and I was always really interested in biology.”  

While his patients might not be able to speak with him directly, he explains why working in the veterinary field is so rewarding. “Animals are so genuine with their feelings, so when you experience an emotion from them like joy or gratitude it can make your day. I really do feel so blessed to be able to work with animals, particularly when you can help them.” 

During his studies in Brazil, he was introduced to veterinary ophthalmology and fell in love with the specialisation. Guilherme worked in this specialised field for seven years in before thinking about pursuing his career overseas.  


Planning a career in the UK

After considering countries in Europe, Guilherme decided on Ireland for a few years before continuing to London. Explaining that he wanted to live and work in a country where there was opportunity for professional growth, and a good quality of life. “The UK appealed to me as it’s a very multicultural place, and has incredible animal care opportunities, so I was excited to advance my career and also meet and work with people from completely different backgrounds.” 

Professionals wishing to work as veterinary surgeons in the UK are required to sit the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) Statutory Examination and must also take an English language test to prove language proficiency for practice. In total, Guilherme spent three years preparing for these exams. 


Tackling the OET Test

The RCVS accepts IELTS and OET results, but Guilherme says he knew immediately which test was right for him. 

“The OET Test isn’t just an English test, it’s reflective of the settings we find ourselves in daily – making your interactions stronger. I didn’t even consider IELTS and chose OET immediately as it fit my requirements as a healthcare worker.”   He found that the preparation for OET actually helped him with the RCVS exam. “Studying for the OET Test makes everything easier, especially if you need to sit a practical exam – you’ll feel way more confident.” 

Guilherme passed the Speaking, Reading, and Listening sub-tests on his first attempt. However, he didn’t achieve the score he needed in the Writing portion, primarily due to time management issues. With some additional preparation, focusing on study materials and advice from other candidates shared via our social channels, he passed the Writing sub-test soon afterwards. “It was a great feeling to pass with a high score, and then feel like I could move forward with my plans,” he said.  


Thriving in his career and new city

Guilherme now practices in London at the Royal Society for the Preventing of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA). One of his favourite things about living overseas and working is being exposed to so many different experiences, and sharing those with his family, especially his children. “It’s great to develop your perspective on things, visit new places, and provide experience and opportunities to a younger generation,” he said.  

For work, he’s still practicing his communication skills daily – even if it isn’t with his own patients. “Being a Vet, it means that my ability to speak with their owners and then work closely with my colleagues is vital,” he said. 

Due to his hard work during OET Test preparation, he’s able to lead every interaction with confidence. He reflected on how the test has prepared him for this new stage in life and career, sharing; “the OET Test will prepare you to start your new job with the right skills and give you more skills to live out your dreams.”