...BlogsPatience, empathy, and love – Revathy’s story from India to the UK 
Patience, empathy, and love – Revathy’s story from India to the UK 


From seeing her father work in healthcare while growing up, to taking her own career overseas – Revathy has never lost sight of what it means to work as a healthcare professional: a powerful combination of compassion, care and communication.  


Developing a passion for patient care 

Growing up in India, Revathy's path to becoming a nurse was fuelled by inspiration from her father's profession as a dentist. As a young girl, she often accompanied him to his clinic, where she witnessed firsthand the effects of providing care to those in need. It was in those dentist rooms that Revathy’s drive, and ambition were formed, setting her sights on working in care to make a difference in people's lives and improve their well-being.  

“My father truly was my inspiration and taught me what it truly means to provide care,” she said. “It’s about serving and doing good for people.” 

Driven by her sense of empathy and the wish to improve others’ lives, Revathy started her nursing education in Karnataka, Bangalore. After completing her four-year nursing degree, she gained valuable experience as a staff nurse in operating theatres, where she honed her practical skills.  

She and her husband (also a nurse) shared a dream of living and working in Europe, where they could immerse themselves in different cultures while continuing their careers in healthcare.  

Yet, they faced a significant hurdle: their proficiency in English.  

“We knew what our dream was, but our English was holding back,” said Revathy. Recognising the importance of language skills in their migration journey, they turned to OET for assistance. 


Preparing for success with OET 

OET became more than just a language testing service for Revathy and her husband. “The resources and support we received became a lifeline,” she said.  

With comprehensive preparation materials, online classes, and tailored support, OET provided them the tools they needed to enhance their English proficiency and fulfil their dreams of relocating to the UK.  

"OET provided me the resources, online classes, small tests, and follow-ups I needed. With OET, I knew I was on the right track," said Revathy. The support from OET became instrumental in their journey, empowering them to overcome language barriers and pursue their career aspirations, making their dream a reality.  

“OET provided resources and support to get our English to the right level, so we could live the life we dreamed of in the UK,” said Revathy.   


Settling-in to a new life in Southampton 

Today, Revathy and her family are thriving in their new home in Winchester, Southampton, in the UK, just outside of London. She's found fulfilment in her work at Winchester Hospital in the Dementia Unit. She’s thrilled to have started working as an NHS nurse. 

“It’s not an easy job. It takes empathy, patience, and a lot of love, but it is so rewarding,” she said.  

Aside from working, the couple enjoy exploring their new home with their eight-year-old son, often spending weekends in the lush parks around Southampton and London. 

Revathy's journey is a powerful example for aspiring healthcare professionals worldwide. Through her unwavering passion, perseverance, and the support of OET, she has overcome challenges and built a career that not only enriches her life but also makes a meaningful difference in the lives of others. As she continues to navigate her path in nursing, Revathy encourages others to prioritise care, communication and compassion. With the proper English language skills and determination, she believes anyone can achieve their dreams. “The OET Test opened a world of opportunities for our family. We have come a long way to get here, but with OET we found the confidence to succeed.”  

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