...BlogsA journey of smiles: from Gramado, Brazil to Dublin, Ireland
A journey of smiles: from Gramado, Brazil to Dublin, Ireland

Alessandra Generosi Barbedo's passion for personalised care and patient confidence has taken her career to not only the other side of the world, but the forefront of her industry.  Hailing from the picturesque town of Gramado in Brazil, Alessandra now calls Dublin her home, where she practices as an orthodontist specialising in dental care for both children and adults, a role which brings her a lot of joy.

“It's a rewarding job that allows me to help individuals achieve confident smiles and facial harmony.” 

- Alessandra Generosi Barbedo

Pursuing her passion

Her journey into dentistry was sparked by a pivotal experience during her high school years—a visit to her general dentist that left her with an interest, “I was captivated by the art and science of aligning teeth and transforming smiles.”

Inspired by the intersection of oral health and patient care, Alessandra embarked on her dental education journey at university, which helped enhance her fascination with the art and science of aligning teeth and transforming smiles. This experience cemented her decision to pursue a postgraduate specialisation in orthodontics, setting her on a path of fulfillment and professional growth.

“What truly drives me is the ability to change lives through orthodontic treatment,” she said. “I derive immense satisfaction from witnessing the joy and confidence that blooms in my patients as we work together to enhance their smiles.”


Choosing OET

Taking the OET Test vas a vital step in Alessandra’s career by opening doors to new opportunities and avenues for professional growth, enabling her to pursue her passion on an international stage. “I chose to take the OET Test because it allowed me to improve my English skills specifically within my professional field,” she said.  “It was a practical and beneficial choice for my career.”

Choosing the OET Test also allowed Alessandra to meet immigration requirements, so she could move to a country she’d always wanted to live and work in.  “The OET Test paved the way for me to practice dentistry in Ireland, a goal I had been working towards for quite some time,” she said. “This achievement not only expanded my career prospects but also provided me with the means to enhance my quality of life.”

The other benefits of taking the OET Test have been providing Alessandra to have confidence when networking and attending professional events too. “I actively engage in continuing education, eagerly attending conferences and pursuing opportunities to expand my knowledge and skills. This commitment ensures that I can deliver the highest standard of care to my patients and remain at the forefront of my field.”

When it comes to providing advice to others preparing for the OET Test, Alessandra advised them to study hard and dedicate consistent time for preparing. “Don't give up, be persistent, OET can open amazing career opportunities”.


Delivering care with confidence

Additionally, having confidence in her communication skills makes her relationships with patients more empathetic and effective – offering a high level of care. As Alessandra says, “dentistry is not just about improving smiles; it's about empowering individuals to exude confidence and radiate self-assurance.”

What drives Alessandra in her practice is the profound impact she has on her patients' lives. Through personalised care and attention, Alessandra values being able to build meaningful connections with her patients, accompanying them through the transformative journey of achieving their ideal smiles.

“I bond with my patients. Over the course of 1.5 to 2 years of treatment, I have the privilege of getting to know them on a personal level,” she reflects.  “I share in their joys and milestones, from watching children grow to treating entire families.”

Alessandra Generosi Barbedo's journey from Gramado to Dublin is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and the pursuit of excellence. Through her unwavering commitment to her patients and her profession, Alessandra continues to transform lives, one smile at a time.

“The OET has played a vital role in shaping my career and significantly impacting my life. Passing the OET was not just a milestone but a gateway to realizing my dream of becoming a dentist qualified to work in Ireland.”