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A journey of determination and achievement: from the Philippines to UK


Cathrine, a dedicated nurse, currently works in the Endoscopy Unit of an Acute Care Hospital in Cheshire. Recently, she progressed to a new role within the unit as a Pre-Assessment Nurse. Her journey to this position is a testament to perseverance, adaptability, and the vital role of the OET Test in achieving her dreams. 


Building experience in the Philippines and Middle East 


After graduating in 2013, Cathrine began her nursing career in the Philippines. For over two years, she worked diligently in a healthcare setting, driven by the goal of gaining the necessary experience to work abroad. Reflecting on this period, she says, “I sought opportunities that would allow me to save and eventually apply for positions overseas." 

In 2016, Catherine made the decision to move to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where she was employed as a Staff Nurse in the Maternity Unit. This experience was enriching, and she cherished the community she worked with. "I enjoyed the experience and loved the community," she recalls, "but I always knew that my ultimate goal was to work in the UK." 


Discovering OET 


In the summer of 2019, Catherine began researching countries where she could continue her application process without returning to the Philippines. The UK stood out, especially since they had recently started accepting OET results. Initially worried about taking another English test, she found OET to be a suitable alternative. "I was concerned about taking English tests from the experiences that I heard from other people, but OET seemed to be a great alternative for me," she explains. "It was designed for healthcare professionals, making it easier for me to relate my experiences as a nurse to the exam questions." 

Catherine achieved the scores she needed on the OET Test, which enabled her to complete her application to the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) in the UK. With the necessary qualifications in hand, she secured a position in the Surgical Unit. After two years, she transitioned to the Endoscopy Unit, where she currently works as a Band 5 nurse and has been accepted for a part-time Band 6 role. "I was able to finish my application to NMC in the UK and eventually got the qualifications to practice as a nurse," she shares proudly. 


Professional and personal growth 


OET was instrumental in helping Catherine achieve her professional goal of practicing nursing in the UK. It equipped her with the confidence to communicate effectively with patients from diverse backgrounds and accents, making her transition to the UK smoother. "OET has prepared me to be confident in communicating with patients of different backgrounds and accents and had made my transition to this country bearable," she says. 

Passing the OET Test has significantly enhanced Catherine's career and quality of life, as she enjoys the freedom and limitless professional opportunities that the UK provides. "None of this would have been possible without taking the crucial step to attempt the OET Test, despite my initial concern," she reflects. 


Communication excellence 


Since experiencing the benefits of the skills learned during OET Test preparation firsthand, Catherine has actively endorsed the OET Test to previous colleagues who have yet to take an English exam. "I firmly believe that OET is incredibly suitable for healthcare professionals," she says. "It not only meets the application requirements but also prepares individuals for real-world interactions in their new environment." 

Taking the OET Test has been an incredible and life-changing experience in Catherine's journey, and she is grateful for the opportunities it has opened for her. "Passing my OET Test meant a lot to my career and the quality of life I have now," she concludes. "I feel confident to explore further professional opportunities. This would not be possible if I had not taken the step to start and find out more about the OET Test.” 


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