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Supercharge your OET Test preparation: introducing our Speaking and Writing Sample Booklets


When it comes to healthcare professionals, effective communication is the cornerstone of successful and effective patient care. Whether you’re a nurse, optometrist, or a pharmacist, the ability to convey information clearly and empathetically is crucial. That’s why we are continually working to equip candidates with the tools necessary to excel during the OET Test, and throughout their careers. Enter our latest release: the Speaking and Writing Sample Booklets. 

During previous Speaking and Writing week campaigns, OET candidates were presented with a unique opportunity: to showcase their skills through role plays or letter submissions. These tasks were new; candidates faced unfamiliar scenarios, challenging them to adapt swiftly and effectively. From the many submissions, 30 candidates were chosen from around the globe and across the different OET professions. From these evaluations, we were able to put together the new Writing and Speaking Sample Booklets.  

What makes them so special? Here are a few compelling reasons why you should add these to your study schedule now:  


  • First, they're in high demand. These guides are sought after by OET candidates and alumni alike, and are designed to be that extra boost in the preparation journey to show you what ‘good’ and ‘great’ looks like on the OET Test.  
  • Second, the material in each of the booklets is carefully curated, with handpicked submissions spanning a range of OET Test grades. That means you’ll gain invaluable insight into how to achieve your required score.  
  • Third, the variety for healthcare specialisations. Whether you’re a nurse, pharmacist or dentist, there's a little something for everyone in these samples. But wait, there’s more: the lessons you'll learn go way beyond your own profession. So, even if you're a nurse checking out a physiotherapist's role play, you'll still pick up some killer tips on fluency and structure. 
  • Lastly, the breadth of material is impressive – for every submission, you can check out the letter or role-play audio, script of the audio (in the Speaking booklet), assigned grade, and a detailed assessor comment. These booklets come with five nifty activity suggestions to spice up your prep routine. Think practice sessions, group chats, you name it. It's all about getting you in the zone and ready to crush that OET Test. 

One final reason we’re excited to share these booklets is that they can serve as additional motivation for our OET Test candidates. For those striving for a specific grade, evaluating examples of stellar performances within their target grade can help them work towards improving their own abilities. The opportunity to visualise success can inspire candidates to emulate and refine their own skills, ultimately enhancing their performance in the Writing and Speaking sub-tests. 

Our new booklets are also a great resource for candidates who haven’t achieved their desired score on the OET Test. Explore assessor comments, compare examples from the different grades and you’ve got yourself a roadmap for improvement and further preparation before tackling test day again. 

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into those Speaking and Writing Sample Booklets and get ready to take on test day. With real-life examples, expert feedback, practice lessons, and more, there's no stopping you from excelling on the OET Test and owning your healthcare career. Let's do this! 

Download your copy of the Speaking Sample Booklet

Download your copy of the Writing Sample Booklet 


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