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Top tips for success in OET from OET Hero alumni


“When I first started my OET preparation I was nervous, thought I would never pass and that it was impossible. But through the support of my tutor, I stayed motivated in my studies and was able to pass the OET test on my first attempt,” recalls Ada, our OET Hero from Poland.  

It’s not uncommon to feel this way at the beginning of your OET Test preparation journey as we heard it from some of our OET Heroes as they shared their experiences taking our test. 


Who are the OET Heroes? 

The OET Heroes are a group of candidates who won a global competition to share their journey and become an OET advocate. Their prize included tutoring from a Premium Preparation Provider, support from OET, and other valuable resources to aid them in their studies, along with a free OET Test. We have closely followed their journey as they’ve shared their hobbies, goals, anxieties, study tips, dream destinations, and the exhilarating news of passing the test. 


Where they are now? 

Ada, a doctor from Poland, studied with Pass Your English and achieved a remarkable 480 in Reading. Currently, she still resides in Poland and plans to study psychotherapy, but has aspirations to move to the UK with her partner.

Rubaia, a doctor from Bangladesh, studied with Khaira EDU and achieved 450 in Listening. Rubaia shared her successes in a series of reels with tips to boost confidence in OET Listening. Now pursuing a master’s in biomedical science in Nottingham, she aims to take the UKMLA exam in 2024 to work as a doctor in the UK. 

Raul, A doctor from Venezuela, the first Hero from South America, studied with CELT. Despite not reaching the scores required to register as a doctor in the UK, Raul is determined to explore alternative pathways to achieve his goal in 2024. He actively shared tips and strategies for studies, including using music to learn English. 

Revathi, a nurse from Kerala, India, was coached by the OET Online team. After successfully passing on her second attempt she promptly moved to the UK with her husband (who also completed OET) and young son. She is currently taking a well-deserved rest but will be seeking employment in January. 

Top study tips & advice for future OET candidates 

Rubaia: Don't fear the exam. Integrate fun ways to learn English to make it as enjoyable as possible. It's all about how well you can communicate with your patients in a healthcare setting. The more you enjoy it and get used to the skills needed for the test, the more it will help you later in your professional life. 
Ada: Persistence is key. Set a realistic exam date to keep you motivated then plan out achievable small tasks each week as your goals. I used to do few minutes of flashcards every day and then dedicated 1-2 hours a few times a week to practice tests or material I found challenging. Repetitive, focused work will sooner or later give you results. 
Raul: Make a work/study plan. I would recommend roughly an hour a day. This will not just help you study for the exam but will help improve your overall English skills. The week of the exam remember to have a full day’s rest, to decrease stress and anxiety. 
Revathi: Don’t rush in your studies. Plan all your goals. Practise, practise, practise. I would recommend a Preparation Provider to motivate you and provide feedback in your areas of opportunity. Once you feel confident in your skills, then take the exam. 

When is the next search for OET Heroes? 
A big thank you to all the OET Heroes for inspiring us over years. We look forward to following the next chapter in their healthcare careers wherever it may take them in the world. 

Another big thank you goes to our wonderful Premium Preparation Providers who supported our Heroes every step of the way. If you’re looking for an expert OET teacher who can provide guidance and feedback, check out our Preparation Provider page 

As one chapter closes with our current Heroes, the question then arises: when will the search for the next group of inspirational candidates be? We don’t have a definite answer just yet but look forward to bringing you more success stories in 2024! In the meantime, be sure to check out the full Heroes recap on their journey in the video below. We wish you all the best in your OET Test preparation.


Watch the 2023 OET Heroes share their insights and tips now.