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...NewsOET and Dr. Carl Balita offer joint training to future Filipino Nurses
OET and Dr. Carl Balita offer joint training to future Filipino Nurses

IN PHOTO (L to R):  OET Regional Manager Krizelle Kilicaslan, CEO of CEB Group of Companies Dr. Carl Balita.

OET recently entered into a partnership with Dr. Carl Balita Group of Companies, and its biggest review center in the country, Dr. Carl Balita Review Center (CBRC), to deliver a large project supported by the Department of Health (DOH) providing free OET reading training for nursing graduates and nurses taking the Nursing Licensure Examination (NLE).   

Dr. Carl Balita Review Center (CBRC) is an established educational institution in the Philippines that provides comprehensive training programs for professional licensure exams and test preparation courses. This partnership will provide free OET Reading classes for the nursing students of CBRC who are preparing for the Nursing Licensure Examination (NLE) in the Philippines. 

IN PHOTO (L to R): OET Marketing Coordinator Allaiza Boholano, OET Education Specialist Alvin Alonzo, OET Business Development Manager Darryl Macalisang, OET Regional Manager Krizelle Kilicaslan, CEO of CEB Group of Companies Dr. Carl Balita, CBRC Director of Academics and Services Dr. Janus De Leon, CBRC Academic Head of Language Programs Sarah Alcoreza.

“The beauty of this arrangement is we’re able to bring OET to almost 200 branches across the Philippines. This will provide face-to-face and virtual learning opportunities, as well as more testing venues throughout the country,” said Dr. Carl Balita, President & CEO of CEB Group of Companies.  

This project intends to improve nursing students’ reading comprehension skills and their confidence, so they can use English in healthcare scenarios as they prepare for their NLE. The training will be via a series of classes that focus on expeditious reading, deeper reading, and understanding the main ideas, attitudes, or opinions, in the provision of care. 

"As the leading English test for healthcare professionals, OET is thrilled to be partnering with the biggest review center in ASEAN and Asia. Our test delivers practical learning that nurses can use in their day-to-day work," said Krizelle Kilicaslan, Regional Manager of OET Philippines.

"Reading skills are important for our healthcare professionals, serving as a valuable asset not only for their Nursing Licensure Examination but also in building their confidence when understanding medical texts. Through this training, we can empower our Filipino nurses to deliver effective patient care," said Alvin Alonzo, OET Education Specialist. 

Through CBRC’s extensive branch network throughout the Philippines, a large number of Filipino nurses will have the opportunity to enhance their learning and engage with OET educational resources. 

The OET Reading Training for NLE Preparation was conducted by Alvin Alonzo, OET Education Specialist, and Alex Austen, OET Education Content Manager, last September and was attended by over 500 Filipino nurses. Having launched this successful project, OET and CBRC plan to offer further training opportunities in January 2024.