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New Philippines OET review centres helping healthcare professionals

OET opens new review centres in PhilippinesOET helping Filipino healthcare professionals on their OET journey

We have opened three new official OET review centres in the Philippines: Agentic, ITTI Philippines and SGR Focus.

Our new review centres will help ensure Filipino nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals access well-informed and qualified OET teachers.

Agentic is based in Iloilo City, ITTI Philippines is in Cebu, while SGR Focus is based in Kalibo.

Improving healthcare communication skills

Review centres are extremely important to the OET ecosystem, providing support and education to test-takers across the Philippines.

Between 2012 and 2016, the Philippines produced around 130,000 licensed nurses according to Bloomberg. That is around 30,000 licensed nurses per year. Each one has the potential to take OET and improve their clinical communication skills and English language proficiency.

Many nurses will use their OET results to begin their international healthcare career. Filipino nurses travel to English-speaking environments like the UK’s NHS or the Australian or US health systems. In fact, approximately 150,000 nurses from the Philippines work in the USA, according to Leo-Felix M. Jurado. He is the chair of the Nursing Department at William Paterson University and a board member of the Philippine Nurses Association of America.

OET has opened new review centres

While many will use their results to travel overseas, others will use their new skills to improve the Philippines health system.

OET uses real healthcare scenarios to train and assess healthcare communication skills. Test-takers regularly champion the test because it helps them improve the skills they need to deliver safe and effective patient care.

With so many test-takers looking to sit OET, we are expanding our review centre network to meet demand. Our goal is to give healthcare professionals the best opportunity to secure the OET grades they need.

Providing effective support to OET review centres

Teachers from Agentic, ITTI Philippines and SGR Focus have all completed the Preliminary training phase of the OET Preparation Provider Programme (PPP).

It ensures their knowledge of the test is accurate and they understand the skills test-takers need to be successful. They are also entitled to display a digital OET Knowledge badge.

PPP involves five lesson modules delivered via an online learning platform. Review centres that complete all five are endorsed as Premium Providers.

Alongside access to teaching resources and close support from OET, Premium Providers receive help with their direct marketing and access to free promotional resources to help them reach as many potential healthcare professionals as possible.

If you would like to learn more about PPP or would like to apply to become an official OET review centre, contact OET today.

If you are looking for the best OET Preparation Providers, keep an eye out of the PPP logo. It means the provider is top of the class and has all the knowledge needed to ensure you get the best preparation possible.