...NewsNew guide to help overseas-trained nurses improve their English
New guide to help overseas-trained nurses improve their English

OET has launched a new guide to help overseas-trained nurses working in the UK healthcare system improve their English language skills. Living the Language: A nurse’s guide to English usage in British life and work is published by OET in collaboration with Health Education England.

The new guide can be used to help overseas nurses move beyond basic English to become competent communicators at work and at home. It’s packed with practical advice and focuses on the communication skills nurses need to adapt, integrate and settle in faster.

Sujata Stead, CEO of Cambridge Boxhill Language Assessment said:
‘Having the right levels of English language skills not only helps nurses settle into their roles, but it can have a huge impact on staff retention and quality of care. We find that learning English for healthcare settings is very much a journey and often passing OET is just the first step for ambitious nurses. However, challenges arise when nurses have to carry general day-to-day conversations with patients and interact with colleagues at a more social level, and this is where our new guide can play a key role. The guide will help nurses to carry on learning, improve their English and make a positive impact in the healthcare industry.’

The guide includes practical advice and guidance on workplace and patient communication. This includes common challenges such as local accents and dialects, person-centred care and active listening. It also includes tips on everyday use of British English in social settings and provides help with settling into new multidisciplinary teams and professional cultures.