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Get ahead in the English language, with OET’s mini language lessons

Looking to boost your language and communication skills? We’re here to help. We're introducing five mini language lessons that focus on important aspects of grammar and communication for the OET Test and healthcare workplaces.  

These free lessons are 5-10 minutes long, accessible on any device, and contain interactive activities and downloadable resources to help you master the language skills required for test day. You can return to the lessons as often as you wish.  

Does this sound helpful to you? Let’s get started!  


Lesson 1: Passive voice 

In English, we use either the active or passive voice. Find out how to use both in this lesson and apply your skills to complete an OET Test letter. 

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Lesson 2: Useful tenses to describe the past 

Master three important tenses to talk about things that happened in the past in this lesson. Learn common phrases to use with each tense and practice using the tenses in healthcare scenarios. 

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Lesson 3: Relative clauses 

In this lesson, discover how to use relative clauses to add extra information when writing or speaking. Learn to construct sentences and practice correcting errors in a healthcare letter. 

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Lesson 4: Effective questioning techniques 

Practise using open and closed questioning techniques for OET Speaking and clinical settings in this lesson. 

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Lesson 5: Linking words 

In this lesson, discover the difference between two types of linking words, learn the grammar and punctuation for both, and apply what you learn to a healthcare letter. 

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