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6 OET Writing case notes resources to help you score high

OET Writing case notes are packed full of information. But figuring out how to approach them can be a challenging task.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of resources to help you!


1. Writing sub-test blog posts  

A great way for you to learn the tips and tricks of perfecting the Writing sub-test is through the Writing preparation category of the OET blog. Written by experts, they clarify any misconceptions and equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to confidently approach the OET case notes. 

Here are some helpful posts you can start with: 


2. (Video) OET Writing Masterclass

Supplement your studies with the Writing test masterclass. You’ll learn how the Writing sub-test is structured, know what you’re assessed on, and listen to tips on how to effectively approach the case notes.


3. (Videos) 2021 OET Writing Week for all professions

The 2021 OET Writing Week featured brand new case notes specific to every test profession.  

In each session, OET shows you how to approach the profession-specific case notes using letters based on them and written by candidates.  

You can see what other candidates are doing, as well as learn to avoid common mistakes and improve your writing skills. Check out your profession's session below: 


4. OET Writing Guide

The OET Writing Guide is the ultimate tool to give you the knowledge needed to get the grade you need. 

Each chapter in the Writing Guide is built upon the assessment criteria that assessors use to score your letter against. These sections go into detail about what writing skills you need and how you can improve them. 

You’ll also find useful tips on taking and interpreting information from the OET case notes to use in your letter. 


5. Writing sample tests

Taking an OET Writing sample test is an effective way to understand where you’re at with your test taking and language skills.  

You can also see what the OET case notes look like, so you know exactly what to expect before you take OET. 


6. (Video) Writing FAQs

What kind of information from the case notes do you need to include in your letter? You’ll find the answer to that question and many others in the OET Writing FAQ videos. 

In these short videos, OET answers the most asked questions to clear up any uncertainty you might have about the case notes and the Writing sub-test overall.


OET case notes are packed full of information and can be overwhelming to some candidates. It's important to prepare thoroughly using a wide range of resources to help you perform the best on test day.