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...Blogs4 reasons nurses are choosing to live in Ireland over the UK!
4 reasons nurses are choosing to live in Ireland over the UK!

Talk to any nurse and they’ll tell you that the UK is in their top three dream destinations to work. You will also learn that nurses are looking to move to Ireland in more and more numbers  

But it's not just nurses looking to move to Ireland, the country is also actively looking for them. According to a recent report from the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation, there are more than 1,3000 nursing and midwifery vacancies in acute hospitals.

So, let’s take a look at why nurses are beginning to choose Ireland over the UK!

1. An ageing population 

Like many countries, Ireland has an ageing population.  

Demand for healthcare services and healthcare professionals is growing at a time when the number of workers is at a ten-year low!  

According to the Royal College of Surgeons in Irelandnursing and midwifery levels have fallen by more than 3,000 since 2007.   

However, it's not just the demand for healthcare professionals that is driving doctors and nurses to make the move to Ireland; it’s also a great place to live, work and raise a family.  

2. Growing economy 

Ireland has endured an English invasion, the great potato famine and several recessions in its past. However, Ireland has not just survived those events, it has gone from strength to strength. 

In 2018, the World Economic Forum ranked Ireland 8th out of 103 countries across 11 elements of economic progress  

Much of this success has been driven by Ireland’s capital, Dublin. Home to some of the world’s largest multinational companies, Dublin has experienced unprecedented GDP growth over the last 10 years.  

Ireland’s growing economy has led to improved living standards and a better quality of life for residents and citizens alike. 

3. Natural beauty 

For a small place, Ireland is home to several beautiful natural wonders. From spectacular coastal cliffs to rolling hills, there’s plenty to explore when you’re living in Ireland.  

Ireland’s many rock formations have been shaped by the violent winds of the Atlantic. Stretching for eight kilometres, the Cliffs of Moher in County Clare are one example.  

Cliffs of Moher at Sunset

If sea-ravaged coastlines aren’t your thing, the Ring of Kerry provides valuable contrast. With iron age forts and old monasteries, fast-running rivers and lush forests, the Ring is not a place to miss.  

4. Personal safety 

While feeling safe is a luxury in many places, the Irish are beginning to grow accustomed to it.  

While crime does exist, Ireland’s violence and crime rates have dropped to historically low levels in recent yearsIn fact, 76% of people in Ireland say they feel safe walking alone at night, according to the OECD. 

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