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3 reasons why you should live in Ireland

Ireland is a fantastic place to live and work. Doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals looking to work internationally flock to Ireland for a few key reasons.

If you’re looking at moving abroad to work in an English-speaking healthcare system, you might need to take an English test. OET is recognised in Ireland, as well as the UK, Australia and several other countries.

Look at these three reasons why you should move to Ireland.

1. It’s beautiful

It’s no secret that Ireland is one of the most visually appealing countries in the world. Rough Guides voted it the 18th most beautiful country in 2019.

Nicknamed the Emerald Isle, Ireland is breathtakingly beautiful. Rolling hills, epic cliffs and charming cities make Ireland attractive to almost everyone.

On the west coast, the mighty Cliffs of Moher in County Clare stretch for 14 kilometres along the Atlantic coast. These 400-foot cliffs are home to the largest mainland seabird nesting colony in Ireland.

If you prefer urban experiences, Cobh’s streets of pastel-coloured houses are a charming alternative to Ireland’s lush natural landscape.

[caption id="attachment_47406" align="alignnone" width="1200"]Cobh harbour, cathedral and houses Cobh is a great place to work and live in Ireland.[/caption]

Alternatively, you could seek out the town of Galway on Ireland’s west coast. With its cobbled streets and old architecture, you’ll quickly run out of space on your digital camera.

2. Long history and rich culture

Ireland might only have a population of 4 million, but it has a profound effect on the English-speaking world. Steeped in history, many of its famous artists and writers have drawn on the country’s rich history of folklore and tradition.

Living in Ireland, you’re never far from a mythic story about mischievous leprechauns or helpful faeries.

Irish history is also close at hand. Castles, monasteries, stone age art and fortresses dot the landscape up and down the island. Each site is usually accompanied by myths, legends and true stories of saints, scholars, giants and heroes.

With over 12,500 years of history to discover, Ireland is a place for the adventurous.

3. Balanced lifestyle

The Irish are known for their good humour and happy-go-lucky approach to life.

Ireland scores high when it comes to quality of life, ranking above average on the OECD’s Better Life Index for jobs, earnings, housing, personal security, health and education.

Work-life balance is particularly important to the Irish, where only 5% of employees work very long hours, less than half the OECD average.

Living in Ireland means you will be part of a strong community, which can help you acclimatise to the country’s culture and traditions.

With a great quality of life, underlined by a strong history and beautiful country, Ireland continues to be one of the best places to live and work for healthcare professionals.

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