Last updated: 15 November 2022. 

Cambridge Boxhill Language Assessment Pty. Ltd. (ACN 159 885 257) as trustee for the Cambridge Boxhill Language Assessment Unit Trust (OET) owns the Occupational English Test (test).  

You agree to these Group Bookings and Third Party Payment Terms (Terms) by completing and submitting the Group Booking and Third Party Payment Form (Form).  

OET can facilitate third party payments for test bookings (Third Party Payment) or group bookings for the test in a single transaction (Group Booking). 

1. Group Booking and Third Party Payment process 

(a) To make a Group Booking or Third Party Payment, you must:

(i) provide all the required information in the Form, including a fully and correctly completed Candidate Detail Sheet; and

(ii) pay the applicable OET fee on or before the corresponding payment due date, as outlined below in clause 4.

(b) Without limiting clause 1(a)(i), you must provide two preferred test dates and venues for each candidate. In the unlikely event that both venues or test dates are unavailable, we will book the candidate on the next available test date at one of their preferred venues.

(c) OET will endeavour to contact you within three business days (being a day other the Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday in Melbourne, Australia) of you submitting the Form if further information is required.

(d) OET will advise when your booking request has been processed via your nominated email address as provided in the Form.

2. Additional Conditions

(a) Candidates booked with a Third Party Payment or in a Group Booking:

(i) must complete all 4 subtests of the OET in one sitting; and

(ii) do not need to sit the test on the same date or at the same venue.

(b) Group Bookings are only available at the venues listed on the Candidate Detail Sheet.

(c) The Group Booking closing date is 14 days prior to the advertised application closing dates for an individual booking as published on the OET website.

(d) All paper based candidates must have a registered account on MyOET before the Form is submitted.

(e) OET is under no obligation to consider change requests to your Form.

(f) OET reserves its right not to accept any Form if you fail to comply with these Terms.

(g) Test bookings are not transferable.

(h) Candidates must agree to and comply with all the OET Test Regulations as published on the OET website, including identification verification requirements and complaints handling processes.

3. Deferring a booking

If a candidate cannot sit the test on their scheduled test date, they will be permitted to defer their test date to another date, subject to payment of additional fees. Please refer to section 9 of the OET Test Regulations for more information about the fees and conditions for deferring a test.

4. Payment

(a) If you are submitting the Form on behalf of an organisation, the following terms apply:

(i) You must raise a purchase order within 48 hours of submitting the Form.

(ii) CBLA will issue an invoice within 24 hours of receiving the purchase order and you must make payment by the due date specified in the invoice.

(b) If you are submitting the Form as an individual, the following terms apply:

(i) If you choose to pay by credit card, you must pay immediately via the OET website using the link provided on the page that appears after you submit the Form.

(ii) If you choose to pay by bank transfer, OET will provide payment instructions via email to the email address nominated on the Form and you must pay immediately upon receipt of that email.

(c) If you fail to pay in accordance with this clause 4, OET may, in its discretion, cancel, or refrain from processing, your booking.

5. Computer-based test

If you request a computer-based test for the Group Booking, OET will send a voucher via email to each candidate directly to make their booking. A voucher does not reserve a particular test date. To complete the booking, the candidate must:

(a) use the voucher to select the test day, location and venue for the booking via OET’s website; and

(b) accept the OET Test Regulations.

6. Privacy

(a) By submitting the Form, you warrant and agree that:

(i) you have taken reasonable steps to ensure that the candidates named in the Candidate Detail Sheet:

a. are aware our Privacy Policy is available at; and

b. have been provided with a copy of our Collection Notice; and

(ii) you have obtained the consent of each candidate named in the Candidate Detail Sheet to provide their personal information to OET to book a test and for the other purposes described in the Privacy Policy.

(b) By submitting this form, you are consenting on behalf of the candidates to OET’s use of the candidates’ personal information in accordance with these Terms and the Privacy Policy and as required or authorised by

7. Disclaimer

To the extent permitted by law, and subject to the Terms and Conditions, OET will not be liable to you or any candidate or prospective candidate for any loss or damage arising out of or in connection with the Group Booking, Third Party Payment or submission of the Form, including where a candidate or the person responsible for the Group Booking or Third Party Payment defers a test date or does not submit a booking request in accordance with these Terms.