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OET’s network of test venues extends to more than 160 locations throughout the world.

Test delivery venues worldwide ensure the secure and consistent delivery of our English language test. We welcome applications from suitable professional organisations to become a Test Delivery Partner.

OET - English language test for healthcare professionals

Quality test you can trust

OET is committed to providing high quality products, services and support. As the face of OET our venues play a vital role in ensuring high standards are maintained – from the professionalism of your staff to your facilities and everything in between.
OET - English language test for healthcare professionals

Reduced training burden to employees

All OET venue staff receive full training as part of the venue approval and venue accreditation process. Access to refresher training is available at any time, and on annual re-accreditation. This training is provided by CBLA at no cost to your organisation.
OET - English language test for healthcare professionals

Attracts candidates committed to excellence

OET candidates are highly skilled and trained healthcare professionals who are required to demonstrate their high level of English language proficiency. OET venues provide the facility and support for candidates to fulfil this goal.

Who recognises OET?

OET is recognised and trusted by healthcare boards and councils in the UK, USA, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Dubai, Singapore, Malta and Ukraine. Many organisations, including hospitals, universities and colleges, are using OET as proof of a candidate’s ability to communicate effectively in a demanding healthcare environment.


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OET - English language test for healthcare professionals