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Test statistics

View performance and demographic data on previous OET results

Test data 2023
At OET, we take pride in providing clear and transparent statistics about our testing system. The data* we present here is a compilation of scores achieved by different groups of test-takers. This information serves as a valuable resource for researchers and educators, offering insights into test performance in specific countries or regions.
Grade information
OET reports a scaled score (from 0 to 500) and a letter grade (from E to A) for each individual sub-test. OET does not report overall scores or grades.
Demographic data
If you're interested in the performance of candidates in 2023, you can access demographic data. Remember that Nationality and First Language statistics are based on self-reporting and may not necessarily reflect language proficiency.
Test performance
When it comes to assessing the reliability of our sub-tests, we use Cronbach Alpha for Listening and Reading and Spearman Reliability for Writing and Speaking. The figures below represent the average reliability values for the combined administrations of the OET Test for each sub-test in 2023. Additionally, we provide conditional reliability figures at C+ and B, which are the score points where important decisions are often made.

Please note that in the data sets we present, Nationality and First Language statistics are self-reported by candidates. Nationality might indicate where candidates currently reside or where they have immigrated from, but it doesn't necessarily reflect the language a candidate speaks or their English proficiency.

Similarly, a candidate's self-reported first language may not accurately represent their proficiency in that language. It also doesn't account for any additional languages the candidate might be proficient in.

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